4 – 9


2 – 4 feet


full sun to part shade

By: Meriel Bradley

Lilies are a great way to add beauty and elegance to your garden and if you plant several varieties, you can have lily blooms all through the summer.

There’s a wide range of colours and heights to choose from – some are also scented so that might be something to look for if you enjoy their perfume.

Don’t let their elegance fool you into thinking that they are difficult to care for – they are not too fussy about light or soil type so long as it is well-drained and not too wet.

In early fall, dig a hole that is 12 inches, and plant the bulbs in groups for the best show.

Quick Facts

Grows well in full sun to part shade

Blooms early summer to fall depending on the variety 

Grows from bulbs

Bulbs will multiply over time

Grows 2 – 4 feet tall

Hardy zones 4 – 9

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