I’m very happy to have you here!

Welcome to my creative space on the internet where I get to share my love of food and gardening with you all!

This space is for all the foodies out there –  all of you who love to browse cookbooks and recipe sites for inspiration, try new foods and learn new things about food and cooking.

And equally, this space is for all the garden lovers – all the folks who love to get their hands dirty in the garden and watch their plants grow and thrive

It’s my voice throughout the blog. I do all the recipe development, gardening posts as well as the photography and videography that you see here.

I will always be posting new ideas and inspiration for you to enjoy and I invite you to share the journey with me.

Meriel x

So who am I?

I grew up in England and met my Canadian husband while working in Germany.

I’ve worked and lived in 4 countries, England, Spain, Canada, and the US, which has been an amazing journey exploring their food, culture, and landscape.

We moved back to Canada in 1992 and I absolutely love living here with the snowy cold winters and amazing hot summers.

I’ve been so very lucky to have spent the last 20 years working in television and video production.

You may have seen on some of my TV shows on HGTV and Discovery – Garden Architecture and Simply Smashing.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with some amazing companies such as; Toastmaster, George Foreman, Kitchen Aid and CityLine TV.

Photography & Video

For Green Thumb Foodie, I take all of my own pictures and produce all of my own videos

As part of this adventure, I wanted to see if I could capture great images and video with a tool that most of us keep in our pocket, on my own with no special crew.

All the pictures and videos on my blog are taken with the camera on my phone in natural light only.

I really am quite pleased with the results.

What that means is that anyone can capture the same pictures that I do without the need for extra equipment. I hope that’s an inspiration for you all.