Lemon Coral Sedum

By: Meriel Bradley

Lemon Coral Sedum is a very easy plant to grow, and believe it or not it keeps its colour through the winter, and although it looks spiky it’s actually quite soft to the touch.

It’s supposed to be an annual in my zone 5 garden, but it seems to survive and come through the winter – so if you are in a lower zone than 7, leave it in the ground to see if you are lucky and have yours survive as mine does.

It’s a ground-hugging plant that loves heat and will do well in full sun or part shade.

You can use it in containers and let it spill over the edge to show off the lovely texture or use it in a rock garden or border for a bright splash of colour.


7 – 11


3 – 10 inches


sun to part shade

Planting Tips

Use in a border or container

Like the heat and sun

Grows about 3 – 8 inches tall but spreads or trailsĀ 

Drought tolerent

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