How to Grow Beets


early spring

Days to harvest:

45 – 60


full sun

By: Meriel Bradley

Beets are such a versatile crop to grow in your garden and you can eat them at all stages – the young greens, as baby beets, and as mature beets.

If you are like me and have a really hard time discarding healthy plants, harvesting young beet greens to eat is an excellent way to thin throughout the row.

You can also thin your row again by picking the entire plant when leaves are about 4 – 6 inches tall to enjoy some baby beets.

Successive plantings of the same or different varieties will give you an amazing harvest of young beets, beet greens, and mature beets through the season.

Quick Facts

Grows best in full sun

Direct seed in the spring once the soil can be worked

Plant every 3 weeks or so to give you a harvest all summer

Sow seeds 1/2 an inch deep and 1 inch apart.

Rows should be spaced 12″ apart.

Thin the seedlings when they are 2 inches tall to 3″ apart  – crowding keeps roots small

Beet greens make for a very healthy and tasty side dish in a salad or steam them and serve with butter.

Baby beets roasted with butter are one of my favourite ways to cook them

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