2 – 20 feet


full sun

By: Meriel Bradley

There are many different clematis varieties to choose from. The range in height, flower colour, and blooming times, but all will add charm and beauty to your garden.

Most will share the same needs in terms of care, with the ideal location giving them at least 6 hours of sun with their roots protected by a thick layer of mulch or other plantings to stay cool.

How to prune your clematis will depend on the variety, and they are grouped depending on their flowering habits:

Group 1 will bloom in early spring on last year’s growth, so you want to prune after flowering and limit this to a general tidying up of the plant.

 Group 2 blooms on new growth in May through July, so you can prune back to new buds in April to encourage the plant to branch out

 Group 3 will bloom late in the season from July into the fall. This group can be pruned back hard in early April about 12 inches from the ground cutting just above strong sets of buds

Ask your local garden center to see what group your clematis falls into, and once you know the pruning needs of your plant you will have beautiful blooms for years to come.

Quick Facts

Needs full sun

Blooms midsummer to late summer

Prefers slightly sandy to rocky soil

Grows 2 – 3 feet tall

Hardy zones 3 – 9

Excellent for mass planting

Strong fragrance

Perfect for a bee-friendly garden

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