By: Meriel Bradley

Chives are a perennial herb in zones 3 – 9 and are part of the allium family.

You can direct sow the tiny seeds in the spring as soon as the ground can be worked – loved by bees they also make for a good pollinator plant.

They are a great companion plant in the vegetable garden and help to keep aphids, carrot rust fly, and Japanese beetles at bay. They also improve the flavour of carrots and tomatoes. Keep them away from beans or beets though as they can stunt the growth of these 2 vegetables.

Chives have a mild onion flavour with many uses in the kitchen and can be harvested throughout the summer.

The beautiful purple flowers are also edible and are best harvested just as they start to open.


3 – 9


10 – 15 inches



Planting Tips

Direct plant as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring

Cut back after flowering to encourage fresh new growth

Good for the pollinator garden with pretty purple flowers

Keeps several problem insects at bay

Edible leaves and flowers

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