9 – 11


2 – 60 inches


full sun to part shade

By: Meriel Bradley

The Aeonium plant is a group of succulents that grow rosettes of leaves which, depending on the variety, can be on long, arching stems that reach over 5 feet or they can grow as short ground-hugging plants just a few inches tall.

The leaves can be solid or variegated, with small, star-shaped flowers growing in clusters in the center of the rosettes. The rosettes die once they have flowered, but they don’t flower all at once.

When aeoniums get long and leggy, you can cut off the tops, leaving an inch or two of the stem and use as cuttings which will quickly root.

Aeoniums like to be kept slightly moist so, unlike other succulents that should be allowed to dry out completely between waterings, they grow better in regular potting soil instead of specialized cactus soil.

Quick Facts

Full sun to part shade

Perennial succulent in zones 9 – 11

Likes to be kept moist

Grows 2 – 60 inches tall depending on the variety

Hardy zones 9 – 11 or bring inside for the winter

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